Florida Aviation Academy, is located at Pompano Beach Air Park (KPMP) in greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  KPMP is an excellent training airport, with a air traffic control tower and three large runways.  Students safe time and money because the airport is not overcrowded, so time is not wasted in the sky or on the taxiways.  In addition, the weather in South Florida is nearly always good for flying.

In addition, the beautiful South Florida beaches are only 10 minutes from the school.  Fort Lauderdale International Airport is less than 15 minutes from the school by car, and both Miami and West Palm Beach International airports are within 25-30 minutes offering direct airline connections from anywhere in the world.

With an excellent location, modern facilities, and unparalleled instruction, Florida Aviation Academy is a great choice if you are looking for a commercial pilot training school.  Request more information now!

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Flight Training

Comprehensive Airline Pilot Training is Florida Aviation Academy’s specialty.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction. Our training offers flexibilty, reliability and convenience to our customers from all over the world. Whatever your aviation career goal, we work with you to achieve your certifications.

Safety and Proficiency

Our professional pilot training courses have been specifically developed to allow our students the greatest amount of safety while becoming proficient faster. Your training will prepare you for a First Officer position now.


Florida Aviation Academy offers a broad range of professional pilot training courses. Depending on your future career goals, we offer the flexibility to customize any of our courses to meet your individual needs. Just Ask!

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DSC_0970The Red Bird FMX full motion flight simulator is one of the best Advanced Aviation Training Devices.  With full wrap-around graphics, and realistic motion – just like you are in the airplane – this flight simulator provides an excellent experience for those learning to fly, or for recurrent training as well.   In addition, you can “fly” our Red Bird in or out of nearly any airport in the world.

Whether you are an initial student with little or no experience, or an advanced pilot preparing for an interview with one of the major carriers, we can offer you the convenience and safety of training in a Sim that has everyone talking.

We offer advanced flight training with our Redbird FMX full motion simulator in a variety of aircraft. Pilots can learn in a new G1000 Glass Cockpit C172, a C172 with the traditional Six-Pack configuration and the  G430/530, or in a Beechcraft Duchess – BE-76 with G430/530, for advanced multi-engine training.

Using a simulator for a portion of your training as a student pilot, for adding instrument privileges to your certificate, or for refining instrument approaches and practicing emergency procedures will not only make you a more proficient pilot but a much safer pilot. Simulator training also allows you to train more often while saving money in the process. This is definitely a winning combination for pilots at any level.

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News & Updates

Find Out What's Happening at Florida Aviation Academy

Florida Aviation Academy Partners With ExpressJet Airline in Pilot Pathway Interview Program

Florida Aviation Academy Partners With ExpressJet Airline in Pilot Pathway Interview Program

Posted by admin on Mar 10, 2014

Florida Aviation Academy graduates who meet qualifications are guaranteed an interview with ExpressJet Airline as a result of their Pilot Pathway Interview Program. Pompano Beach, Florida (PRWEB) March 06, 2014 Florida Aviation Academy, which trains pilots from zero...

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Experience a Rewarding Aviation Career

Experience a Rewarding Aviation Career

Posted by admin on Feb 22, 2013

For anyone  interested in an aviation career, there may never be a better time than now. Where pilots were once a dime a dozen, there is now an increasing need for qualified commercial pilots. This demand is expected to continue to rise for the next 2 decades. As a...

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Learn to Fly at Florida Aviation Academy

Learn to Fly at Florida Aviation Academy

Posted by admin on Feb 5, 2013

Florida Aviation Academy is one of the top Commercial Pilot training schools in the US, and as such is the perfect place to start your training as a professional pilot.  Located at sunny Pompano Beach Airport (KPMP) in Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the training...

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Courses & Pricing

Choose from these options

Florida Aviation Academy offers the following professional pilot training courses which will take the flight student from 0 hours through the commercial pilot certification in as little as 16 weeks.  Click here for more information about our other stand alone pilot training courses including the Private Pilot course, Instrument rating course, Commercial pilot course, Multi-Engine add-on ratings course, Certificated Instructor courses, and the Airline Transport Pilot Course.

Course # 1

Complete Part 141 Single Engine Commercial Pilot Certification Course 0 – 190 Hours 16 weeks

  • 71 Hours Dual C-172
  • 79  Hours Solo C-172
  • 15 Hours Dual PA-28 (Complex)
  • 1.5 Hours Solo PA-28 (Complex)
  • 22 Hours Red Bird FMX Simulator
  • 6 Hours Frasca F-141 Flight Simulator
  • 100 Hours Ground School
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Course #2

Complete Part 141 Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Certification Course 0 – 190 Hours 16 weeks

  • 72 Hours Dual C-172
  • 79 Hours Solo C-172
  • 11 Hours Red Bird FMX Simulator
  • 6 Hours Frasca F-141
  • 11  Hours Multi-Engine Simulator
  • 14 Hours Dual Multi-Engine PA-23-250
  • 1.5 Hours Solo Multi-Engine PA-23-250 (Commercial Checkride)
  • 115 Hours Ground School
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**Group Classroom Instruction may be substituted with one-on-one training depending on availability.

All of the above prices are estimates.  Actual costs may be higher or lower depending on each student’s unique abilities and aptitude.  Flight training is highly individualized and the actual number of hours required to become proficient will vary significantly by candidate.  Fuel Surcharges may apply and all prices are subject to change without notice.

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